Information series: what is coal seam gas

Waste Solutions Australia (WSA) is a team of environmental scientists with specialties across the land and water contamination, waste management, landfill gas and groundwater fields. During the more than 30 years our scientists have been consulting on environmental projects they’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on often widely-discussed issues.

To put this knowledge and experience to work once more, WSA has launched an information series that will detail the scientific facts behind a number of issues trending in Australia at the moment.

The first topic in this series is coal seam gas. Most people would have heard the term CSG before and probably have a few questions.
There is a lot of confusion around CSG and a lot of fear and debate in communities where CSG projects exist or are proposed. The concerns centre on one core issue – is the CSG industry safe and sustainable for the people who live on this land and the livelihood they make farming it. 

We want to dispel myths, clear confusion and provide some scientific data about what is really happening with CSG and our prime farming land and the people who rely on it.

Click through the questions around CSG below and read the responses written by our scientists. Also, please get in contact with us if you have any more questions or need our assistance.

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