Solid Waste

Waste Management is a process that is often closely integrated with other facets of WSA’s services. WSA maintains close relationships with waste disposal companies and landfill operators in order to ensure that any contaminated waste material is suitably disposed. WSA also has experience in the investigation of potential landfill sites and the development of liners to prevent the flow of leachate from disposal sites.

Some applications of a Waste Management task include:

  • Waste classification and characterisation
  • Waste minimisation and recycling studies
  • Waste audits and development of Environment Management Plans (EMP)
  • Waste treatment and disposal technology
  • Municipal and secure landfill design and operation
  • Landfill site assessment and monitoring
  • Contaminated material treatment and disposal management
  • Abattoir effluent investigations 
  • Waste impacts on soil
  • Contaminant transport through ground and surface water
  • In situ remediation of hydrocarbon impacted material
  • Monitoring, sampling for analytical testing & toxicant identification
  • Litigation support & Expert Witness testimony
  • Remediation Action Plan (RAP) scoping, permitting, implementation, & monitoring
  • Site Management Plans (SMPs) for contaminated sites
  • Spill incident investigation and monitoring


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