Contaminated Land Assessment and Contaminated Land Remediation

The remediation of contaminated land is an increasingly important issue in the rapidly growing South-East Queensland Region and elsewhere. The remediation of property allows full development of the area and gives greater sale options to the landholders. Likewise, the identification of potential contaminants prior to the purchase of land is an important step, which, if ignored, has the potential to cause serious human health or local ecosystem damage over time. Where total remediation of a site is not necessary or unfeasible, a Site Management Plan can be put into place to allow partial development.

WSA can provide a broad array of services in relation to the contamination of land, including:

  • Environmental Management Register (EMR) & Contaminated Land Register (CLR) searches
  • Preliminary or due diligence site investigations pre-purchase
  • Stage 1 & 2 contaminated land assessments
  • Detailed contaminated land investigations
  • Writing Site Management Plans (SMP)
  • Remediation of contaminated sites to allow for removal from the CLR, for example –
    • Removal of underground storage tanks and fuel lines from decommissioned service stations
    • Gasworks remediation
    • Remediation of Arsenic and other contaminants associated with cattle dip sites
  • Risk assessment and Impact assessments across major infrastructure projects
  • QLD Department Environment & Resource Management (DERM) and other government agency liaison
  • Soils assessments
  • In-situ and Ex-situ metals assessment of soils, using Niton XRF
  • Litigation support & Expert Witness testimony
  • Soil, sediments, dust and groundwater sampling
  • Interpretation of analytical sample results
  • Chemical spill incident investigation and monitoring
  • Liaising with contractors and landfill operators for removal of contaminated material for disposal
  • Remediation Action Plan (RAP) scoping, permitting, implementation & monitoring
  • Acid Sulphate Soils investigation & management

Examples of previous remediation projects that have been completed by WSA include:

  • The Millennium Arts Precinct project, in which WSA supervised the assessment and remediation of more than 20 properties that were listed on the DERM Environmental Management Register (EMR). The project included the removal of seven underground storage tanks (USTs) in a former fuel depot that was subsequently validated, as well as the removal of USTs on multiple other properties. Work was also undertaken to remove large areas of contaminated fill and to remediate historical landfills on former commercial properties within the project site.

  • WSA conducted environmental site assessments for a major alliance venture in south-east Queensland. This project involved background investigation of more than 80 allotments that were being incorporated into a highway redevelopment. Ensuing work included characterisation sampling across multiple sites that were deemed potentially contaminated according to the background studies. Where significant contamination was identified, WSA undertook remediation and validation of the contaminated soil in accordance with DERM guidelines. Further environmental investigations incorporated in the project included a screening exercise to determine lead content in soil along the existing highway. This was conducted with WSA’s Niton XRF, which detects base metals in soil at concentrations similar to the DERM Environmental Investigation Levels (EILs).

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